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LOL Wines Combines Great Taste + Creativity

When was the last time you picked up a bottle of wine based on great label art, only to be disappointed when the taste didn't live up to the artwork?

Our partner and entrepreneur, Nevena Rousseva, decided to combine excellent tasting wine with creativity after similar experiences.

The innovative Ladies of Leisure grew from friends sipping wine and envisioning phenomenal wines they wanted to enjoy - ones that are exciting, bold and alive.

The distinct offerings of LOL Wines capture a variety of emotions and desires while delivering a delightful "liquid expression," whether enjoying a glass after work or hosting great friends.

As a bonus, you can choose to donate a portion of your order to organizations working on great causes like education, equality and the environment.

US Wine Exports is proud to be the exclusive producer of LOL Wines' offerings. Check out this talented company at


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