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US Wine Exports is dedicated to connecting American winemakers with the global marketplace through partnerships, experience, and customer service that earns trust.

We work with wine producers and grape growers who produce excellent varietals that delight consumers. The process of finding and exporting the right wine can be complex. When you work with US Wine Exports, you have access to an extensive network of suppliers and staff to expand your global reach in simple, economical ways that can enhance your brand.

At your service is a team of highly experienced wine professionals with more than 30 years of international experience who have worked closely with businesses in numerous countries with diverse customs requirements.


Our direct export channels and alliances with producers allow US Wine Exports to offer our clients complete sourcing and export logistics. By leveraging our experience and export network, we work with some of the world's largest retailers to introduce new products and boost sales. Our team puts tremendous effort into building relationships with those we serve, from selecting excellent wines to custom blending with our staff winemaker.


Our portfolio of partner wines is complemented by the ability to create private label and boutique brand options that can deliver the quality your clients desire.


We work with companies globally to export California and Napa Valley wines in both large and small shipments every day.

US Wine Exports has been supplying authentic American wines to global markets since its founding. Our team has experience exporting wine to numerous international markets. Our direct employees and sales agents cover specific geographic markets around the world.


Let's talk about how US Wine Exports can match your needs and markets to create the perfect offering and brand that fits your vision – at any price point. Contact us at or +1-877-223-7753.

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