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Founded in 2010 by a family with deep Italian roots, US Wine Exports was inspired by our collective international experiences, fueled by shared hard work, and led by a passion to introduce American wine to more of the world.

For our family and our ever-growing team, wine stands as a symbol of joy and the ability to experience a small part of other cultures. Wine is an expression not only of the specific region where grapes are grown, aged and bottled but also of the local people and their heritage that is imparted to it through the process.

Wine has told local agriculture, community, and trade stories since it was first bottled more than 8,000 years ago. Every vintage holds a story of resilience and triumph woven by the treads from the farmer tending the soil to the laborers harvesting the grapes to the winemaker's constant education gathered when responding to Mother Nature's goodwill or difficulties of her whims.

In our minds, wine is part of the history of the world, telling stories about the people who came before us and a bit about their cultures, practices, and struggles. As we enjoy a glass of wine, our minds tend to wander to thoughts about how people who worked this crop viewed the times they lived and their optimism for the future. A universal story that reassures us that no matter what happens or what challenges we face, we thrive and advance like the wines we enjoy.

Even as our team has grown from the original three family founders, and our reach has expanded over the years, our commitment to you, our clients, remains a hallmark of US Wines Exports. It is our family’s objective to offer the best wines from California, Napa Valley, and other American vineyards whose histories are rich and whose family histories are enduring.  

We remain committed to providing seamless access to great American wines, working directly with you in a uniting cultural exchange.


US Wine Exports is the largest exporter of American wines worldwide. Our value is supplying and producing US wines and taking care of your order details.

Partnering with US Wine Exports can save you money and time while reducing risk. Our team works alongside you to identify and select the right wine and price point, eliminate shipment complications and ensure your shipment reaches its destination.

A team of highly experienced professionals with more than 30 years of international experience, who have worked closely with businesses in numerous countries with unique customs requirements, is at your service. We deliver a custom approach to meet your needs, including acquiring and accurately documenting the necessary export compliance requirements complying with all regulations and laws.

Our process includes:
• Understanding your distribution and sales objective
• Identifying the right varietals and brand
• Securing and sourcing product


Let's talk about how US Wine Exports can match your needs and markets to create the perfect offering and brand that fits your vision – at any price point. Contact us at or +1-877-223-7753.

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